Tomato Shams TY F1 Seed Hybrid cultivar Seed type for protected cultivation, Highly adaptive to various adverse conditions, Early production, High productivity : 5-6 fruits / cluster, Average fruit weight : 210-250 gm, Very high fruit firmness, Attractive red color, Resistance : TYLCV Virus , Fusarium 0 , 1 , 2 . Verticillium - Squash Jana F1 Seed : Resistant to the virus ZYMV, Powdery Mildew Tolerant, High productivity, Attractive green fruit, Suitable for all seasons, Suitable for export
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The company convoys agro-industrial companies Jordanian industry leader in compound fertilizers and micronutrients Almakhlbh Since its inception in 1990 has managed to achieve an outstanding reputation in the local market, Arab and international, and managed during her career to win multiple awards in the field of quality and excellence of trade. It also managed to achieve international standards of quality by obtaining ISO 9001 certification.

Company manufactures many varieties of fertilizer suit different crops and meet the specific requirements of customers both in the domestic market or the Arab and international markets. Thanks to its distinctive expertise and diversity of product lines the company has enjoyed a high degree of flexibility in manufacturing to enable them to keep up with most of the changes and developments in the world of agriculture and fertilization.
Micronate 36 Blue Baico

Squash Jana F1 Seed Tomato Shams TY F1 Seed
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